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CARDO Shorts #01

CARDO Shorts #01

A primavera surgiu e, com ela, o início oficial do Programa Sul-Americano de Curtas-Metragens CARDO.

Estamos muito calorosamente convidando você para a nossa primeira exibição com os trabalhos selecionados do diversificado World Film of South America.


El Dorado de Ford 

Juan Fernández Gebauer

15 Mins

Argentina, 2015

Adventure / Comedy

Sebastián is determined to accomplish that which his dad had left undone: to catch the Golden Dorado Henry Ford released in one of his trips to Corrientes.


We are the immigrants

Cantalina Matamoros

05:56 Min

Columbia, 2016


We are the immigrants narrates the story of a girl, her family, and their journey to cross the border to reunite with her mom.



Ricardo Valenzuela Pinilla

15 Mins

Chile, 2017

In southern Chile, Marta, a humble peasant woman, desperately seeks to fulfill her dying mother's last will: the last rites.



Nicolás Suárez

13:36 Mins

Argentina, 2017

Experimental / Western

An eye for an eye, a man for a beast.



Lauren Pringel

05:16 Min

Argentina / Germany / UK, 2018


A metaphorical dance film that talks about unsafe abortions worldwide.



Juan Pablo Zaramella

3 Mins


Argentina, 2018


Un dia y todos los dias 

Felipe Solari

09:00 Min

Argentina, 2013

Comedy / Action

A tedious day in the country. A chaotic day in the city. The relation between both stories becomes complicated as sound and image begin to diverge.



Mota Bor Studios

05:07 Mins


Venezuela, 2017

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    abril 23, 2019

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