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CARDO Shorts #02

CARDO Shorts #02

On Tuesday the 18th of June we were happy to invite you to Il Kino at 8 PM for our second screening of CARDO.


Coffee Break

María Cristina Pérez / Mauricio Cuervo

Colombia, 2017

09:00 min

Animation, Live Action


A deer with an office job takes a coffee break at 4 pm every afternoon. One day melts into the next and the monotonous routine takes hold of him. Even deer aren’t immune to loneliness.


The Minute

Adrián Suárez de Llano

Colombia, 2016

01:09 min

Experimental, Live Action


A Charles Bukowski poem interpreted in the style of an advertisement.


Tierra Mojada


Juan Sebastian Mesa

Colombia, 2018

17:00 min

Live Action


A village needs to be evacuated because of a building project. An elderly couple doesn’t see any reason to continue their life so they bury themselves in their yard.


M.A.M.O.N. Monitor against Mexicans over worldwide

Alejandro Damiani

Uruguay/Mexico, 2016

05:00 min

Animation, Live Action


A mechanical Trump-like robot breaks through the Mexican border wall and issues a declaration of war on his enemies who fell from the sky.



Juan Martinez Vera

Venezuela / Mexico / USA, 2016

19:00 min

Live Action


Oscar, a young Venezuelan student, sparks a social media movement using an innovative cell phone application to circumvent the censorship in his country.



Paulinho Caruso

Brazil, 2017

08:00 min

Live Action


Everything has been normal at Olave’s small farm. Until now, when he is being kidnapped by space goats one night.



Nara Normande

14:16 min

France / Brazil, 2018

Animation / Live Action / Experimental


The filmmaker embarks on a personal journey into her past using sand and fabric animation in order to revive memories of past friendships.

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    June 18, 2019

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