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CARDO Shorts #01

CARDO Shorts #01

Spring has sprung and with it the official start of the South American Short Film Program CARDO.

We are very warmly inviting you to our first screening ever with selected works of the diverse Short Film World of South America.


El Dorado de Ford 

Juan Fernández Gebauer

15 Mins

Argentina, 2015

Adventure / Comedy

Sebastián is determined to accomplish that which his dad had left undone: to catch the Golden Dorado Henry Ford released in one of his trips to Corrientes.


We are the immigrants

Cantalina Matamoros

05:56 Min

Columbia, 2016


We are the immigrants narrates the story of a girl, her family, and their journey to cross the border to reunite with her mom.



Ricardo Valenzuela Pinilla

15 Mins

Chile, 2017

In southern Chile, Marta, a humble peasant woman, desperately seeks to fulfill her dying mother's last will: the last rites.



Nicolás Suárez

13:36 Mins

Argentina, 2017

Experimental / Western

An eye for an eye, a man for a beast.



Lauren Pringel

05:16 Min

Argentina / Germany / UK, 2018


A metaphorical dance film that talks about unsafe abortions worldwide.



Juan Pablo Zaramella

3 Mins


Argentina, 2018


Un dia y todos los dias 

Felipe Solari

09:00 Min

Argentina, 2013

Comedy / Action

A tedious day in the country. A chaotic day in the city. The relation between both stories becomes complicated as sound and image begin to diverge.



Mota Bor Studios

05:07 Mins


Venezuela, 2017

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    April 23, 2019

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